Pulse Epic 7D-6, six-seater, 3D Visuals

Designed and Fabricated by Patrick Harris in Calif., from the original SIMWORX,  The Pulse Epic 7D-6 is just the most recent in a long line of custom designed Motion Simulators built to produce large revenues for the owners and it Resides in Redding, CA. This example in the right location could see approx $300.000 annual revenues.

1994 Assembly of M-4

1994: Starting Production and worldwide distribution of the WorkHorse M-4 2 seat 360 rotation which had over 130 units sold in the USA and many other countries.

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1996: The Stratus 2 seater was ahead of it’s time with roll as fast as 1 second and drop of 72 inches. It was Taken to IAAPA and was well received but was just TOO radical for 1996.

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VR Cockpits

2000: Single seat design originally designed for VR headsets but the technology was not ready yet so we re-designed it as single seat with full 360 and pitch and used a forward screen for visuals.

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Since 1994

The Main Message

My background as Pilot, Aircraft mechanic, working with DoD contractors on Military aircraft as well as civilian aircraft from the Convair 240 to Beachcraft and on to Merlin C-26 has helped the designs to become a huge hit for simulator revenue generating locations.

I Have designed and build several simulator packages from the Huge Morphis to Double M-4 trailers and several single M-4 or SX-2 trailer mounted for Army Contractors and Packages for the Minn Air National Guard.


Next Steps...

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