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Our Approach

From the start we have focused on revenue generating custom designed simulators for amusement although we have been asked to work with Disney and others to build Aviation style flight simulators users could log time in. We have made a name for ourselves providing excellent service for simulator owners starting in 1996. The goal with all our simulators is high revenue for the owners if they place the units in high traffic areas.

Following our success with Robust Simulator design, selling in many countries and servicing simulators of all types, we of course were copied. Other Companies found our name "Simworx" to be too attractive and re-named their companies to copy Simworx.

We are the original Simworx and always will be.

With many innovation firsts in the simulator industry like the first "real-time" image corrected projection on to a hemisphere which is now available accross the industry. In 1996 we showed a simulator at IAAPA trade show that could rotate 2 riders a full 360 degrees in one second, of course we had to de-tune the speed for actual riders. That same simulator could drop 72 inches in one second and rise in almost the same time. It was all electric and became the inspiration for other designs from other companies.

Another first was the SX-Interactive which was a full 360 rotation motion platform controlled by the riders and interfaced to Microsoft Flight Simulator. That design was copied and runs today at several museums.

The Simworx Brand is strong and we are currently exploring designs to be expanded into the huge gaming industry.

Stay tuned!!

Next Steps...

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