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Ethos is a modern insurance company for today's families. Life Insurance is something most adults believe is not needed...but that could not be further from the truth.

It is a reality of life that circumstances change and things do happen.

Just talk to any adult that had to deal with a loved one's arrangements. They will go on about how so many unexpected expenses came up just at the wrong time.

Personally, I have had to deal with it too many times.

For the sake of my immediate family I have and recommend Life Insurance for anyone that has a family or is a wage earner and has not yet built a family.

Ethos is,



There are ton's of Life Insurance companies in the market and most of them are stuck in the era of heavy applications and concerned for money over the person.

Here is how Ethos states their ideals.

  1.  More importantly though, we approach life insurance the same way we approach life—people first, money second.
  2. At Ethos, we’re building life insurance for people who don’t have time for fine print, extra doctors appointments, or hidden fees. Because modern life is already complicated, but applying for life insurance doesn’t have to be.
  3. Because we don’t think anything will happen to you, so we’re able to offer far more coverage if something does happen. And since now is the time that your family depends on your income the most (mortgages, college savings accounts, etc.), term life insurance makes sure they have financial help—even if the worst happens.


At Ethos, we create modern, ethical life insurance

Most life insurance is sold by independent insurance agents. Their time is money, so they often focus on upselling expensive policies to wealthy people. Where does that leave the rest of us?
At Ethos, we offer modern, ethical life insurance to protect the life you’re building and the people you love.
Our team is salaried, so they work with you to figure out what coverage you need. We treat you like family—we won’t upsell you on expensive policies that don’t make sense for your budget.
Ethos CEO signature

—Peter Colis, CEO

Read the Praise of Other Customers!

“Buying life insurance can be stressful, but the team at Ethos made is so easy. They provide really great customer service—way beyond other companies out there. I highly recommend them.”

“Ethos has fantastic customer service and great prices. We have never been able to wade thru the life insurance with such ease. Would definitely recommend their services to friends and family.”

“Ethos is an easy, excellent way to get life insurance!”

“Ethos was painless! Easy, helpful and I must say, quick! Also,INEXPENSIVE! Ethos has my full confidence as well as my recommendation.”

“THIS is what modern day life insuranceshopping experiences should be like...It was great to speak with down to earth people, rather than having some pressure selling salesperson.”


How life should work

Life insurance usually takes 5 to 15 weeks to buy, with lots of paperwork, blood tests, medical exams, and upselling. So. Much. Fun…

  • So we built an application process that only takes 10 minutes for most people, and is simpler and faster for everyone. We do this by using data to estimate the risk of insuring you. All so that you can focus on your life—not insurance.
Apply for life insurance within 10 minutes!

Mobile Ready! Easy! Fast, 10 Minute Application!