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360 degrees Roll Flight Simulator

Derived from the “Workhorse SX-2”, marketed by Simworx , the completely interactive SX-Interactive unit has been well received.
Imagine piloting one of dozens of different aircraft like the Space Shuttle, the X-15 Rocket Plane, Various Fighters, as well as many Airliner types.

You can fly from almost any airport on the globe

If Dogfighting and hanging upside down over Midway Island is your thing, well you can do that too.

Choose from several dogfighting aircraft and hang on to your seat.

The SX-Interactive is like the Big Brother to the SX-2, ONLY BETTER !!

The SX-Interactive has a faster roll rate but uses almost 7 Amps less power than the standard SX-2.

A standard 20 Amp 110 volt AC Plug is all that is required to run the entire SX-Interactive unit thru full 360 degree rolls and super pitching motion.

Joystick and Throttle for the left seat Pilot and Joystick handle stud for the right seat Co-pilot. The main Joystick buttons control various functions like Flaps, Gear, Weapons, and these functions can be transferred to the Co-pilot by the flip of a switch.

Truly a 2 seat Interactive Simulator.

Completely re-designed Roll Drive system to use less electric power and roll faster.

Lower Drive also re-designed to provide less maintenance issues.

The design of all new Drive Systems by Patrick Harris, owner/designer of Simworx,  helps to increase roll rate and reduce maintenance. These both will help the SX-Interactive to produce more consistent revenues.

Some Major Advantages:

Easily Portable.
Can be installed through a set of double doors.
Runs on standard 20 Amp 110 volt AC power.
Faster Roll Rate.
Uses less power.
Never the same ride twice.
Lower maintenance.
Other Gaming situations can be added for enhanced thrills.
Works equally well as an Education Vehicle or an Entertainment Platform.
Priced right – almost $60,000 less than close competitor 2-seat interactive units.
Can become completely Mobile when installed in a Simworx custom designed trailer.