M4 Personal Motion Theater

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Standard Issue M-4:
The M-4 Personal Motion Simulator was created in 1993 to help meet the growing public demand for “high tech” entertainment. Since then there have been MILLIONS of riders thrilled by the 360º rolls and turns of the M-4. The M-4 is a 2 seat, portable motion simulator that can be operated in most any leisure or retail traffic location. The average per person charge for a 4 minute experience is $4.00 to $7.00. The programs available provide either LIVE FOOTAGE or COMPUTER-GENERATED themes of exciting SPACE, UNDERWATER, HIGH PERFORMANCE AIRCRAFT such as the P51-Mustang.The thru-put capacity is approximately 20-24 RIDERS per HOUR depending on operators and location traffic.

Height 6 feet,8 inches (2.03 Meters)
Width 4 feet,6 inches (1.37 Meters)
Length 11 feet,7 inches (3.53 Meters)
Weight 1800 lbs (816 Kg)
Power Requirements* Single30 amp @ 110volts AC
Degrees of Movement 360° Rotation, Forward/Backward = 20°
Operational Height Under 8 feet
Floor Space Requirements 160 Sq ft
Number of Occupants 2
Weight Limit (Occupants Total weight) 500 lbs (227 Kg)

Features and Benefits:
Portable and easily set-up in either indoor locations or outdoor concession trailers.
Low power requirements and can be fit easily through standard double doors.
Proven revenue through thousands of operational hours and MILLIONS of riders.