Simworx History-archived

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Product History

        M-4, M4-SX, SX-2,

  • The development of the SX-2 Motion Simulator began in 1992 and was originally a standard M-4.
  • Prototype units were operated in the Upper Midwest during the period from 1993 to the Summer of 1995.
  • The Sales and Marketing Co, Adventure Quest, incorporated in 1995 with first sales of the M-4 occurring in Fall of 1995.
  • Custom trailers were added as an option in 1996 thus allowing operators mobility to bring the simulator to Fairs, Festivals, and Special indoor/outdoor Events.
  • 1997 and Simon Property Group / Simon Debartolo Mall Development Group gives unanimous approval for M-4 placement in company owned malls.
  • There are more M-4, SX-2 units operated in shopping malls than any other type of simulator in the world.
  • Production machine #3 made in 1995 continues to be in operation in the Mall of America, (Minneapolis, MN) and has been the largest dollar grossing Kiosk attraction in the mall’s history.
  • Approximately 110 units were produced from 1995 to 1999.
  • M-4 was as far as we know THE FIRST 360° Rotating Motion Theatre on the market.
  • M-4 was named the most popular product of the year by NACA, (National Assoc of Campus Activities) in both 1997 and 1998.
  • M-4 became the SX-2 in 1998 after many enhancements to the sound, video, and overall appearance.
  • The SX-2 continues to be very desirable with further improvements to the safety harness system and various high resolution projectors available.

Notable Locations

Notable Locations Past and Present (USA)

  • Mall of America- Minneapolis MN contract renewed for the 10th consecutive year.
  • Excess New York- Times Square, NY, 3 years until the building was sold and unit SX-2 returned for refurbishing.
  • Cyberdome- Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Operating two(2) M-4 units for total to date of 5 years.
  • Dave and Busters Corp.- eight(8) unit operating which rotate between different stores as needed.
  • Sega Gameworks- USA location at this time – Tempe, AZ
  • OshKosh EAA Air Show- Various operators with up to three(3) units in operation at several locations around the Airfield.
  • Reno Air Races- Various operators attending several years.
  • Sun-n-Fun Air Show- Almost always more than one operator.
  • NACA, National Assoc. of Campus Activities- Visited by several different operators.

Notable Locations Past and Present (World-Wide)

  • Crown Casino- Melbourne, Australia.
  • Adamy Family- Beirut, Lebanon- three(3) units in operation.
  • Point Show Loisirs- Marsaillees, France.
  • Green Palm Trading- Dubai, UAE.
  • Astroworlds- Panama City, Panama
  • Venezuela- Used unit being refurbished.